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Biometric Safes, often referred to as Fingerprint Safes have come a long way since their introduction to the market years ago. Offering reliable fingerprint recognition that you can depend on, biometric models are available in a variety of sizes for residential and commercial security. Biometric Safes offer the same security and features of traditional combination or key lock safes; however, with the quick and convenient access.  Simply scan your fingerprint across the sensor and the the safe will grant access to the authorized user.  Most fingerprint safes allow multiple users to be programmed into the memory and offer fire protection and battery backup protection of users for when you need to recharge the batteries. Whether your looking for a model to secure valuables or a fingerprint gun safe to store firearms.  Compare prices and you'll see that we have some of the best selling biometric models at competitive prices.
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AvidBiometrics is one of the leading suppliers and authorized resellers for over 2 dozen types of biometric safes and gun safes from some of the most trusted manufacturers. Often times, you will see cheap knock off units that are made overseas and come with no support or warranty, but not here. We have chosen the best brands in the industry who are based in the US that provide complete support and warranties to stand behind their products including brands like GunVault, Protex, AMSEC, 9G, Barska and more.


Although, these units are extremely popular amongst firearm owners, safes that utilize fingerprint technology are great for any home or business that wants extremely fast access to their valuables or firearms. With this type of technology, you no longer have to worry about losing keys or combinations. The biometric safes sold here at Avid Biometrics open with the simple scan or swipe of a fingerprint and provide access within one second.


The safes we have selected to carry offer reliable performance and come with complete manufacturer warranties in the rare occurrence that your device fail. Most of the fingerprint safes we sell can operate for up to 12 months on a single battery charge and all come with backup keys should the batteries ever fail. Furthermore, most models are designed to store multiple user's fingerprints making them ideal for families or businesses.  


We stock these biometric safes and stand behind our products. We offer a 30-day return policy to make sure you're completely satisfied with your purchase. is a leading provider of business security products with a unique selection of access control, age-verification, biometric, cash handling, identity management, office equipment, and other security products designed to help your business run efficiently.

Based in Scottsdale Arizona, offers competitive pricing on innovative products. Order with confidence today!