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With an Age Verification Scanner from Avid Biometrics, your staff can easily scan state issued ID's and licenses to easily read your customers Age, Date-of-Birth, Expiration Date, Credit Card Info and spot fake IDs. These ID Scanners are portable or countertop mountable and easy to use and popular in businesses like bars, restaurants, liquor stores, or any business with age sensitive products.  ID Scanners are designed to work with state specific ID cards and licenses, so be sure to read which states are compatible with any give Age Verification Scanner you purchase.  Many ID Checkers include a PC connection that allows you to generate compliance reports and capture patron information and print labels to use for marketing purposes.
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Age Verification Scanners and ID Scanners are essential for any business that scan's IDs and drivers license on a regular basis. ID Scanners allow your staff to quickly scan ID's and validate that a state or government issued ID card is valid and allows your staff to quickly verify that the patron is 18+ or 21+ years of age.

ID Scanners  and ID Checkerks not only allow you to spot fake IDs, but are critical tools for a variety of businesses such as gas stations, liquor stores, night clubs, bars, concert venues, and more.

Avid Biometrics sells Age Verification Scanners and ID Scanners that are compatible with every state. Most states have implemented ID's that either use a magnetic stripe to store data or a 2D bar code. Depending on which state you reside, you will need to take a look and make sure that you purchase an ID Scanner that is compatible with your state's government issued ID's and drivers licenses. If you need more information on which ID Checker will work in your state, click on the map below for a list of states and which type of Age Verification Scanner will work.

Although, most of our customers use the basic functionality of these handheld scanners, many units are available with compliance software which allows you to keep a record of all patrons and even store your customer's data which makes them ideal for making mail and marketing pieces. Furthermore, many of the License Scanners we sell can also integrate into POS systems allowing them to not only check ID's during POS, but also scan your products into your POS system as well.

Our ID Scanners ship quickly and offer the convenience and compliance that your business needs. Save on your Age Verification Scanners when you order online at Avid Biometrics. is a leading provider of business security products with a unique selection of access control, age-verification, biometric, cash handling, identity management, office equipment, and other security products designed to help your business run efficiently.

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